Rockingham County 4-H Youth Leadership Team

YLT members at an event

About the Rockingham County YLT

The Youth Leadership Team (YLT) is a group of 4-H members age 13-18 who wish to take on a more active leadership role in the county. They participate in key county events, community improvement projects, and team building exercises. The Youth Leadership Team also provides support to State Events such as Teen Conference and Teen Leadership Weekend. 

Each month the YLT meets to discuss projects and upcoming events, such as service learning activities, county events, and leadership opportunities; attend social events, workshops, and teen retreats; and have the chance to develop and utilize their skills and talents to positively impact the lives of others. The coolest part is, as leaders, they are the ones making the decisions here.

Each year beginning in November, 4-H teens in Rockingham County are invited to apply to become part of the Youth Leadership Team. Advisors will review the applications and select a minimum of five members to fill the roles of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Teen Commissioner. 

How to Join

To apply, youth members must submit a cover letter and resume to the Rockingham County 4-H office. 

In your cover letter, please address the following:

  • Explain what leadership means to you, or describe a specific leader in your life that you model your leadership style after and why.
  • What area of service or community improvement are you called to most? Why is this of interest to you?
  • The YLT usually meets one weeknight and one weekend day per month, possibly more. Sometimes monthly time commitment could exceed 4 hours. How do you plan to manage this time commitment with all your other responsibilities?
  • Are you interested in one of the specific leadership positions below? In not, explain why.

In your resume:

  • List the types of 4-H experience you have. If you have not done 4-H, list the programs you have been involved with in other youth organizations such as camps, scouts, sports, etc.
  • Highlight any leadership roles you have held during your time there, if any.

Email your letter and resume to or mail to the 4-H office at 113A North Road, Brentwood, NH 03833.

YLT Leadership Positions

  • President: The role of the President is to lead the 4-H Ambassador program, enthusiastically and in a timely manner plan and develop meeting agendas, lead community service efforts, coordinate fellow Ambassadors to help all 4-H programs, conduct the 4-H Ambassadors meetings using Roberts’ Rules of Order, provide overall guidance to the meetings, and participate in 4-H county events as requested.
  • Vice President: Fill in as the President in their absence while also providing support to the subcommittees as needed or assigned; participate in county events as requested.
  • Secretary: Take notes of meeting discussions and decisions at all 4-H Ambassador meetings. In the event of being unable to attend a meeting, to coordinate an alternate to take the minutes of the meeting before the meeting date; provide those notes to the 4-H Ambassadors after the meeting through email; participate in county events as requested.
  • Treasurer: Provide a report of funds received and expended to the 4-H Ambassadors at the monthly meeting; participate in county events as requested.
  • Teen Commissioner: This role requires your participation in the Teen Commission planning committee that meets monthly and has overnights. These meetings are done in-person and online. As a Teen Commissioner, you will be required to attend the Teen Conference and participate in a leadership role. This is a substantial commitment, and your advisors will work with you to help manage your time and county commitments.

YLT Advisors

We are currently looking for adult 4-H Volunteers to join us as YLT Advisors. Email us if you are interested in becoming a YLT Advisor.

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