Science Bonanza - Tapping into the Maple Tradition

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People all over the world enjoy the sweet taste of pure Maple Syrup.  New England has a long rich tradition of making this “liquid gold” treat for everyone to enjoy.  While many people enjoy the taste of syrup few know how it is made and the real science behind the process.  Join us for a brief look at the behind the scenes work that happens to ensure consumers receive a high quality, tasty product.  We will focus on the role of density in the maple syrup making process and learn how you can test density at home.   

Instructor: Michelle Bersaw-Robblee

This is a pre-recorded session and is appropriate for 11-13-year-olds.  Families welcome. 

Materials needed: please purchase before workshop, approx. cost $10

  • Ruler
  • Drinking Straw
  • Plasticine modeling clay or Play-Doh
  • Small nails (need to fit into the straw)
  • Graduate cylinder
  • Water
  • Variety of test solutions (sugar water, molasses, maple syrup (including different grades), imitation maple syrup-i.e. Aunt Jemimah or Mrs. Butterworth)