#SkysTheLimit Challenge [4-H Activity]

The New Hampshire 4-H State Youth Leadership Team (SYLT) has been working hard to create fun programs and experiences for 4-H youth to do while at home. One new and exciting program is called the #SkysTheLimit Challenge. This is a fun challenge where NH 4-H youth of today make a video highlighting their 4-H project and what they are doing to get ready this year. Then share your video and use the hashtag #SkysTheLimit.

This challenge will inspire youth to get out of their comfort zone (and outdoors maybe) and inspire them to start working on their 4-H projects. The goal is for more and more youth to see these videos and to get inspired to make a video and to start working on a new 4-H project, or one of their own!


  1. Ask parent's permission to create a 4-H Video. If OK, proceed to step 2.
  2. Make a video with your 4-H project. Example: halter training your heifer/steer, setting up your animal for show, sewing a project, making/doing one of the activities posted from the SYLT, etc.
  3. Tag the NH 4-H SYLT. Facebook: New Hampshire 4-H State Youth Leadership Team, Instagram: @2019.nh.4h.sylt
  4. Use the hashtag #Skysthelimit
  5. Post the amazing video you created on the NH 4-H State Youth Leadership Team Facebook Page!
  6. Great prizes to be awarded for best videos. Details to be announced soon.

See our #SkysTheLimit videos on the SYLT Facebook Page.


Kate Guerdat
State 4-H Leader/4-H Youth Development State Specialist
Associate State Specialist
Phone: (603) 862-4544
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824