Sullivan County 2020 Highlights

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A Year in Review: Sullivan County, 2020

Sullivan County Contributions: $282,319

State Contributions: $542,190 (In 2020, for every $1.00 Sullivan County contributed, UNH provided $1.92 of statewide resources.)

Total Extension Value to Sullivan County: $987K

Agricultural Support

Developed a program with N.H. Dept. of Agriculture to expend CARES Act funds for farms hurt by the pandemic. Staff assisted farmers with writing applications for these funds.

$75,022 distributed to farms

Provided technical assistance in sprayer calibration, farm leasing, succession planning and the Paycheck Protection Plan.

$32,700 direct benefit to farms

Assisted in succession planning for six farming operations.

$15.8M fair market value of farming operations

$545K annual payroll for 67 employees

Forest Land Management Technical Assistance

$150,097 generated in timber production and tax revenue

Provided technical assistance to woodlot owners resulting in improved acreage through forest management practices.

145 large woodlot owners

6,751 acres improved

Community Capacity-building

Led a county-wide task force to link educational partners such as Career Technical Education Centers and community colleges with county funds.Fostered education-to-jobs programs such as welding and woodworking to train underemployed residents and connect them with local employers.

Youth and Families

550 low-income you and adults participated in healthy eating education.

47 Sullivan youth participated in “Let’s Root for Each Other” 4-H gardening project to reduce food insecurity.


190 volunteers

7,159 hours

$187,783 value of volunteer time