Websites and Hand-outs for School Wellness


Congratulations on getting your School Wellness Policy updated. The following websites will help with some of your requirements. It is a great way to educate staff, students and parents as well as community members.

Healthy Fundraisers

Healthy Fundraising Solutions -

10 Ways Your PTA Can Support Healthy Fundraising -

Healthy Fundraisers-Action for Healthy Kids 

Healthy Celebrations and Snacks

Celebrations that Support Child Health -

Healthy Snacks and Beverage Ideas

Healthy Food

Healthy Rewards

Healthy Ways to Reward Children-

Constructive Classroom Rewards  -

Healthy Non-Food Reward Tip Sheet-

Alternatives to Withholding Recess or Physical Activity-

Physical Activity

Physical Activity Break Cards-

Fitness Breaks

How to Start a Walking Club-

Teacher Fitness Break Cards -



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