Wood Energy

Wood is abundant in New Hampshire. After all, we are 84% forested. Any woodlot has a mix of tree species, sizes and shapes--all factors deciding how a harvested tree is used. Trees and parts of trees that can't be sawn into one of many kinds of lumber products often is burned for thermal (heat) or electrical energy. Homeowners are familiar with the cozy warmth from their woodstove, but wood is a local source of renewable energy used for commercial power production and institutional thermal heat and/or power (combined heat and power). Learn more about:


Andrew Fast
Extension State Specialist, Forest Industry
Forest Industry State Specialist/Extension Professor
Phone: (603) 862-2402
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension, Nesmith Hall, Durham, NH 03824

James Frohn
Forestry Field Specialist
Asst Field Specialist
Phone: 603-787-6944
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824