COVID-19 Resources from Extension programs around the country

UNH Extension is part of a bigger family of programs helping citizens cope with a pandemic. Check out what others are doing.
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Cooperative Extension System

Response to COVID-19


Alabama Cooperative Extension System


University of Arkansas


University of Delaware (Coping with Stress) (Hand Washing)


University of Georgia


University of Florida 


University of Maine (Social Distancing and Enjoying Time with Kids) (Resources for Parents and Families) (Farmers and COVID-19)


University of Maryland Eastern Shore  


Mississippi State University (Talking with Children) (Understanding Terminology) (Credible Information) (Who is at risk?) (Steps to Stay Healthy)


University of Missouri


North Carolina A&T University


Pennsylvania State University


Purdue University


Southern University


University of Tennessee (Common Sense Steps)


Texas A&M University


Utah State University


Washington State University


West Virginia University