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Best Management Practices to Help Stop the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer in New Hampshire [rack card]
Natural spread of emerald ash borer (EAB) takes decades; human-assisted spread takes only hours.<br /> <br /> Following best management practices wi...
Forestry, Natural Resources, NH Bugs Natural Resources
Landscape Trees and Their Susceptibility to Invasive Insects
In recent years several exotic insects have either entered NH or are nearby on our doorsteps <br /> <br /> Native plants have no natural defenses ag...
Landscape Installation & Maintenance, Agriculture & Gardens, Forestry, Natural Resources, Speaking for Wildlife, NH Bugs Agriculture & Gardens, Natural Resources
NHBugs: Protecting Trees And Forests [website]
Visit<br /> <br /> Through a partnership with New Hampshire Deparment of Agriculture, Markets &amp; Food, New Hampshire Forests &amp;  La...
Forestry, Natural Resources, NH Bugs, Yard & Garden Natural Resources
Speaking for Wildlife Presentation - NHBugs: The Big Three
NHBugs: The Big Three informs New Hampshire citizens and visitors about three invasive insects of greatest concern to our trees and forests: emerald a...
Natural Resources, Wildlife, Speaking for Wildlife, NH Bugs Natural Resources Wildlife Presentation