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New Hampshire Farm Products Map
Extension’s online map includes farm locations and contact information, farm-preferred methods for relaying product, marketing updates to the public (...
Agriculture & Gardens, Agricultural Business Management, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops, Greenhouse, Nursery & Garden Centers, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Natural Resources, Geospatial Technologies Training Center Agriculture & Gardens
How to Get the Best Results from the UNH Extension Infoline
Guidelines for asking questions, reporting problems and requesting advice from the UNH Extension Infoline
Yard & Garden
Starting Plants From Seed [fact sheet]
Introduction<br /> <br /> Gardeners can grow most annuals, biennials, and many herbaceous perennials from seed. Sowing seed is less expensive than b...
Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Agriculture & Gardens, Greenhouse, Nursery & Garden Centers, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens
Care of Flowering Gift Plants in the Home [fact sheet]
Introduction<br /> <br /> One of the nicest gifts one can give or receive is a flowering potted plant. Flowering plants are not just for holidays or...
Yard & Garden
Maple Sugaring Tips for Beginners and Backyard Maple Sugar Producers
All native maples can be tapped for sap. Sap runs with cold nights in the 20’s, daytime 40’s. Expect 8-10 runs during the season. During each run, one...
Yard & Garden, Natural Resources, Forest & Trees Natural Resources
Seasonal Insect Invaders in New Hampshire Homes [fact sheet]
Introduction<br /> <br /> Several species of insects invade our homes in fall and remain through winter, often hidden inside walls. When temperature...
Agriculture & Gardens, Insect Identification Services, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens
Growing Vegetables: When to Plant Your Vegetable Garden [fact sheet]
The information below, and in a printable table, will help you to determine the best time to start your seeds.<br /> <br /> You must first, determin...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens