4-H Dog Project Overview

New Hampshire 4-H Dog Project

The New Hampshire 4-H Dog Project is an fun project that focuses on the raising and training of dogs. The 4-H Dog Project can provide youth with the opportunity to learn what kind of dog fits into their family’s lifestyle and how to be an excellent trainer and caretaker of the dog. You don’t have to have your own dog to participate in the New Hampshire 4-H Dog Project. You can lease an animal and/or participate in a variety of the activities and events that the New Hampshire 4-H Dog Project has to offer. 

New to the 4-H Dog Project? Check out the NH 4-H Dog Project Fact Sheet for more information. Click on the New Hampshire Guide to 4-H Dog Shows for more basic information. To see if others in your county are participating in the Dog Project Area, contact your county 4-H office by clicking here.

Forms, resources and Fact sheets here for members, volunteers, leaders and parents


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Mary Davis
State 4-H Animal Science Program Manager
Assoc Field Specialist
Phone: (603) 862-2188
Office: Cooperative Extension, Kendall Hall Rm 403, Durham, NH 03824