Major New Hampshire Species and Their Uses

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Sugar Maple
Wood is heavy, strong and takes stain and polish well.
Products: furniture, flooring, woodenware, toys, syrup.

Red Maple
Medium density wood
Products: furniture parts, containers, pallets

Yellow Birch
Medium density wood with attractive color and grain
Products: furniture, cabinets, veneer, woodenware

White Birch 
Less dense than yellow birch, turns well
Products: turnings, woodenware, spools, tongue depressors

Wood is heavy and strong, machines well
Products: furniture parts, containers, handles, pallets, clothes pins

Red Oak
Heavy strong wood, machines well, attractive “open” grain
Products: furniture, flooring, cabinets, millwork, woodenware

White Ash
Strong wood with excellent bending and shock resistant properties
Products: furniture, tool handles, bats, oars, snowshoes, millwork, baskets

Aspen (poplar)
A soft, light wood
Products: turnings, papers, pallets, lath


White Pine
Wood is light, soft, easily worked, takes paint and stain
Products: Millwork, cabinets, furniture, toys, paper, siding, paneling

Light weight, soft, strong for its weight, stiff
Products: construction lumber, paper

Balsam Fir
Soft, light wood
Products: construction lumber, paper

Wood is coarse, moderately heavy and strong
Products: construction lumber, pallet, paper

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