Maker’s Minute: Playful Pencil Pals [4-H Activity]

making a pencil pal

With some creativity, just a little bit of glue, and some craft supplies, you can make a Playful Pencil Pal!

This pal is sure to bring a smile to your face and help make doing work at home more enjoyable.

You will need some type of glue- school glue, craft glue, or even a low-temperature glue gun will work. Gather a variety of craft supplies, many of which you may already have. Things like feathers, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners all work great. What else could you use? And don’t forget your pencil! Use your supplies and your glue to create a fun pencil topper for your pencil.

Special thanks to NH 4-H SYLT member Kailey Deighan for creating this video:

Maker’s Minute

A 4-H Maker’s Minute will inspire you to MAKE (create, design, build, etc.)! What are you MAKING? Each Wednesday during the month of May, a Maker’s prompt will be unveiled to inspire you to MAKE something fun. You can use the idea presented or make something based on your interests. Take a picture or short video (10-15 seconds) and share it with the NH 4-H Community Group on Facebook and inspire others to MAKE.