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Teen Leadership

Teen leadership is a stage in a 4-Her's life where they are able to share what they have learned as 4-Hers from observing and doing, to becoming peer mentors and community builders.  New Hampshire 4-H has a teen leadership structure that includes a State Youth Leadership Team (SYLT), which are a team of five teens typically in their Junior and Senior year of high school, that have shown time and again that they have a desire to try new things and have demonstrated the core 4-H values of respect, honesty, responsibility, empathy and helping.  At the local level there are County Youth Leadership Teams in each of our 10 New Hampshire counties, made up of tween and teen youth usually aged 14 and up.  They are ready to take action and raise their voices for the needs of their community.  

As a 4-H teen you are welcomed to participate in a number of opportunties throughout the year.  Your drive to explore your interests and engage with your peers and community are an asset to our 4-H programs in New Hampshire, and the development of our younger 4-Hers as they look up to you as role models for who they will become. 

If you are interested in hearing more about the teen leadership opportunities in your community contact

Important Dates for 2021-2022

State Youth Leadership Team Applications Due July 1

County Youth Leadership Team Applications Due July 15: Each county manages their application process at the local level.  It is important to share with each county advisor if you are interested in being the Communications Chair, as that person also sits on the Teen Conference Commission, and will begin planning with that team in early September. 

Required Applications:

County YLT Application

State YLT Application



State 4-H Teen Leadership Program Manager
Extension Field Specialist, 4-H Teen Leadership
Phone: 617-875-3125
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824