Maker's Minute: Mixed Planters [4-H Activity]

Use your imagination and a mixture of plants to create a unique combination in a container to add a spot of color to your deck, porch, or anywhere outside!

What did you make? When your mixed planter is complete, share a photo of it in the NH 4-H Community Group on Facebook!


  • Plants
  • Soil
  • Container
  • Water


  1. Moisten soil with water. It is hard to plant in soil that is too dry or too wet.
  2. Fill container to top with soil. Do not pack down. Make sure your container has drainage holes.
  3. Decide what plants you want to use and where in your container you want to place them. Are there some leftover flowers in packs that were planted in the garden? Do you want it to be seen from one side or from all sides? Taller ones go in back for front view, or in the center for all around view.
  4. Start planting. With your fingers, make a hole in the soil where you want the first, tallest plant to go, deep enough so the root ball is slightly below the top of the soil. Put the plant in, and fill around it with soil.
  5. Repeat for each plant. Work from the back to the front for one-sided planters, and from the center out and evenly spaced around the outside for the all-around view.
  6. Fill in spaces between plants with more soil, gently packing a little to make sure all holes are filled.
  7. Water slowly and thoroughly.

Check out the video below to see the whole process!

Thank you to Diana Stetson for this video.



Susan Lawson-Kelleher
Former 4H Program Assistant