Measuring Racial Equity in New Hampshire’s Food System [webinar]

  • Collage of lettuce, lamb, strawberries

This assessment breaks down data from the nationally reported Agriculture Statistics to encourage further investigation and spark conversations that result in successfully supporting New Hampshire farmers. Assessing ownership by race, and number of acres worked by race, provides a snapshot of information about who has access to and control of resources for food production. This work is supported by Northeast SARE, Professional Development Program (SNE21-008-NH).

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The video presentation below walks you through the report. The framework for this project was developed by Michigan State University, Center for Regional Food Systems, using the toolkit: Measuring Racial Equity in the Food System: Established and Suggested Metrics

Please note, these metrics were selected because they are already in use or were recommended by practitioners in this field. We recognize that isolated data points do not tell a complete story, and much data is lacking. We hope this will be a jumping off point for thoughtful community conversation around this topic.