New Hampshire Big Tree Map

The NH Big Tree Program has compiled a map of some of NH’s biggest trees that can be viewed by the public. This map, located at, contains information on tree locations, including latitude and longitude, as well as champion status (i.e. the largest of its kind in the county, in the state, or the nation). Each box on the left of the map has a photo with the accompanying statistics for the individual trees marked on the map. You can also click on any tagged location on the map to select a tree.

If you would like to know more about the NH Big Tree Program, how trees are measured and scored, or how to nominate a tree you have found, click on any of the tabs appearing above the map. They include: The Big Tree Program, Points and Measurement, and Nominate a Tree.

All the trees included here are on public property, or property open to the public. They can be visited at your leisure. However, we have included a list of Do's and Don'ts for visiting big trees (that can be found in tabs: NH Big Trees and Big Tree Program). Make sure to read through the guidelines before setting out to view these magnificent champions!

The NH Big Tree Program is sponsored by UNH Cooperative Extension, the NH Division of Forests and Lands, and the Society for the Protection of NH Forests.



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