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NEW Report--Extent of Prescribed Fire Use in New Hampshire

Annual prescribed fire statistics (acreage, types of fuels, frequency, etc.) are not collected systematically and are largely unknown for the state. UNH Cooperative Extension, in partnership with UNH faculty and the N. H. Prescribed Fire Council, compiled state prescribed fires for 2014 and 2015. In addition to identifying the frequency of prescribed fire use, this research identifies who uses prescribed fire (public entities, private organizations, and individuals) and why they use it (e.g. wildlife, silviculture, etc.). 

The research is presented in the following publication and as a GIS shapefile.

Standards & Guidelines

In 2011, the NH Prescribed Fire Council developed minimum recommended standards for crew training and fire planning for state, federal, and non-governmental organization partners who desire to use prescribed fire in the stewardship of conservation lands across the state. The guide is not intended for agricultural producers or private landowners. If you are a private landowner who is new to prescribed fire and would like help planning a burn on your land, the council recommends you contact a qualified person for technical assistance such as those listed in Appendix A of the guide.

Task Books

The new standards for crew training require some positions to complete task books in order to qualify for that position. Review the NH crew qualifications and standards in Chapter 6 of the prescribed fire guide above. Task books for the positions of NH Advanced Prescribed Fire Firefighter, NH Prescribed Fire Burn Boss 3, and NH Prescribed Fire Burn Boss 2 can be found below.

Training & Experience Record Form

It is important for prescribed fire practitioners to keep accurate records of their training and experience to ensure crew qualifications set forth in the state prescribed fire standards and guidelines are being met. The Forest Protection Bureau within the NH Division of Forests & Lands has agreed to maintain training and experience records of Prescribed Fire Council members in their statewide database referred to as the “Incident Qualification System” or IQS. The forms below will help practitioners keep track of their experience for input into the IQS database. Completed forms should be submitted to the Forest Protection Bureau at least once annually (keep a copy for your own records).

Forest Protection Bureau
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Video of Prescribed Burning in New Hampshire



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