NH Opioid Prevention Project [infographic]

The goal of this project is to build upon existing opioid prevention infrastructure in NH in partnership with the State Opioid Response Team to increase rural community opportunities to engage in prevention activities such as the Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP), online education and skill building, and training for healthcare professionals on prevention of opioid misuse and alternative pain management strategies for patient populations. This will be achieved through three approaches.


Increase UNHCE and partner organization capacity to deliver the CPSMP in rural communities through in-person and online workshops - increasing participant knowledge and skills in alternative pain management strategies as well as proper use of medication.


Increase healthcare provider knowledge about the benefits of CPSMP and alternative pain management strategies through a Project ECHO learning experience - increasing skills in addressing patient chronic pain needs through low-risk strategies preventing possible opioid misuse.


Strengthen online opioid information and education resources for youth, parents, teachers, seniors, community coalitions and healthcare professionals through creation of short videos and tools to be housed on the Partnership for a Drug Free NH website - increasing knowledge and skills of the target population to prevent and address opioid misuse.



This project is funded by SAMHSA Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Program. We’re partnering with several agencies across the state: University of New Hampshire Institute of Health Policy and Practice

  • NH Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services and Bureau of Elderly Adult Services
  • JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.
  • Southern NH Area Health Education Center

New Hampshire Opioid Prevention Project



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