Nutrition Topics


MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are building blocks for a healthy plate using a familiar image- a place setting for a meal. It is a reminder to find your healthy eating style and build it throughout your lifetime. Everything you eat and drink matters. The right mix can help you be healthier now and in the future. This means:

  • Focus on variety, amount, and nutrition.
  • Choose foods and beverages with less saturated fat, sodium, and added sugars.
  • Start with small changes to build healthier eating styles.
  • Support healthy eating for everyone.

For more information go to the MyPlate website found here.   By clicking on each image on the plate, you will learn about each food group.

In addition there are several MyPlate Tip Sheets and infographics that may be used in the classroom or sent home to parents. Find them here.

 Food Allergies

The CDC has information on food allergies and schools as well as several resources for schools to use.  Find these valuable resources here

Free or low cost Webinars

Texas A and M AgriLife Extension has a variety of topics related to Food and Nutrition.  Opening an account will allow you to enroll in free courses. There is a charge for some certificates. Examples include:

  • Surfing the Web for Nutrition and Health Information: Separating Fact from Fiction- 
  • Food Safety in the Classroom
  • Food Allergies and How to Manage them in Childcare Settings
  • Feeding Young Children with Special Needs in Child Care Settings
  • Mini-Talks about Mini-Folks- FAQ’s on Child Nutrition
  • Old Wives’ Tales: Myths about Feeding Children
  • Caregivers Talking to Parents about Child Nutrition and Eating Behaviors
  • Snacks and the Pre-School Child-Why, What and How
  • 10 Behaviors that Promote Healthy Weight in Pre-School Children