Start Making Maps with LiDAR [online workshop]

Start Making Maps with LiDAR workshop

Workshop summary   Learn the basics of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and start making online maps for your projects! LiDAR has the power to peer through the tree canopy to create maps of the ground, stone walls, and structures, as well as, to provide measurements of vegetation height and type. This workshop will cover the basic concepts of using LiDAR for forestry work in New Hampshire, including what data layers are available and how to access them online. Participants will learn how to make and share their own online maps using LiDAR data layers using free online GIS software. No previous GIS experience is required to attend this workshop.

This workshop involves online mapping
This workshop is offered remotely
This workshop is a half-day in length
This workshop is appropriate for novice users
This workshop is appropriate for intermediate users

Participants will learn   the basic terminology of LiDAR   |   the type of data layers LiDAR produces   |   how to make online maps using LiDAR data layers in NH   |   how to access NH LiDAR data online

Software discussed   GRANITView  |  ArcGIS Online  |  NH Stone Wall Mapper

Length   9:00am to 12:00pm

Dates  June 1, 2023  |  September 13th

Format  REMOTE - students attend via Zoom

Cost   $99 standard  |  $65 reduced remote

Cost note   reduced rate applies to educational, non-profit, and governmental

Contact   content - email Shane Bradt or call 603-862-4277  |  logistics - email Jen Adie or call 603-862-1029



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