Workday 101: Training Guide

This 13-page guide is your go-to resource for organizing a volunteer workday

  • Skills, tips and advice for organizing a volunteer workday
  • Tips for drafting a volunteer position description
  • Best practices for recruiting and working with stewardship volunteers
  • Equipment checklist, safety considerations, and more

The Workday 101 guide is part of the Stewardship Training Guide series published by UNH Cooperative Extension and its Nature Groupie program. The Stewardship Training Guides series offers instructional materials for training volunteers in stewardship and educational activities. Use these guides to organize your own volunteer training workshop or to learn about best practices. Materials include instructor's guides, slide presentations, videos, activities, sample agendas, and more. Developed in collaboration with conservation groups in New Hampshire, we hope these guides allow more organizations to train more volunteers in stewardship and educational topics, increasing our collective capacity to care for and study our lands and waters.


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