In the Woods with Extension County Foresters

Extension county foresters help residents and landowners learn about and care for New Hampshire's forests, trees, wildlife and habitats. Because they're usually in the woods, getting to know your county forester can be a challenge. That's why we've created "In the Woods": a series featuring interviews with Extension foresters. Get to know your county forester and then give them a call to join you on a walk in the woods.

Matt Kelly, Cheshire County

Matt likes to "encourage landowners to learn more about their woodlots and the various opportunities for sustainable management and stewardship." 

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Matt Kelly

Ray Berthiaume, Coös County 

One part of Ray's occupation as a forester that he has enjoyed most is that of educator. It gives him a great deal of pleasure to share what he has learned and experienced with those who wish to know and understand.

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ray berthiaume

Jim Frohn, Grafton County

Jim wants landowners to know that "no matter the condition or growth stage of your forest, as long as the land is allowed to grow into a forest, there are lots of opportunities to accomplish your goals."

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Jim Frohn

Mike Gagnon, Hillsborough County

Mike gets excited and energized by all the landowners he gets to meet on a regular basis. He feels privileged to be invited to people's homes where he gets to "learn about them and their history with their land, which may be brief or span generations."

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Mike Gagnon

Greg Jordan, Rockingham County 

Greg came to Extension because he wanted to have "kitchen table talks." That is, the chance to sit down with landowners and help them figure out what it is about their land that is important to them. 

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Dode Gladders, Sullivan County 

Dode believes  there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Foresters make management suggestions based on two main considerations -- what's there to work with and landowner goals. As long as management decisions are made deliberately with these two things in mind, you're unlikely to go wrong.

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Dode Gladders with an American Chestnut Tree