The official emblem of 4-H is a green four-leaf clover, and each leaf represents a component of the youth development organization

  • Patch of clovers with a four-leaf clover in the middle

    The official emblem of 4-H is a four-leaf clover.

For 4-H in New Hampshire, the lucky four-leaf clover represents the organization's core values encapsulated in its motto: "To make the best better." Each leaf of the clover represents one of the four essential elements of 4-H youth development: Head, Heart, Hands and Health. These principles guide the educational programs and activities offered by 4-H to support well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills and values needed to thrive in today's world.

Adult and child working on a STEM project in classroom

4-H offers several STEM activities and events throughout the year.


The first leaf, Head, signifies the importance of gaining knowledge and developing critical thinking skills. Through various projects and workshops, 4-H members in New Hampshire explore new interests, learn practical skills and engage in hands-on learning experiences that expand their horizons.


The second leaf, Heart, embodies the spirit of compassion, leadership and empathy. 4-H encourages youth to develop a sense of responsibility towards their communities and to cultivate strong ethical values that guide their actions and interactions with others.


The third leaf, Hands, represents the commitment to service and active citizenship. From community clean-up initiatives to volunteering at local events, 4-H members in New Hampshire are actively involved in making a positive difference in their communities, using their skills and talents to serve others.


Finally, the fourth leaf, Health, underscores the importance of physical and mental well-being. Through programs promoting healthy living, nutrition and personal development, 4-H empowers youth to take charge of their health and lead fulfilling lives.

Young girl counting seeds of a butternut squash

4-H'ers can learn about healthy eating and how to grow food.

Sew Your Own Lucky 4-H Clover in Minutes!

Looking for a fun activity to celebrate the significance of four-leaf clovers? Check out this simple and creative sewing activity!

View sewing activity  

4-H to UNH Scholarship

Did you know that UNH offers scholarships for students who have participated in 4-H?


  • Text: 4-H to UNH Scholarship with 4-H clover and UNH wildcat statue

    UNH offers a $500 scholarship for each year of active New Hampshire 4-H participation, up to a maximum of $5,000 per year of UNH enrollment ($20,000 total).


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