Fresh produce, fresh air — it’s time to go to the farmers market!

Fresh greens and seedlings being sold at a farmers market.

Farmers markets around the state are gearing up for the new season and you can show your support by visiting a local market. Go often throughout the growing season as the fruits and vegetables offered will change as different ones ripen. Here are just a few reasons to visit a market.

  1. Connect with people in your community. Take the time to ask questions and get to know the people who are selling at the market.
  2. Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere; some offer live music you can listen to as you walk about.
  3. Spend time outdoors and get some exercise in.
  4. Stay healthy by eating lots of fresh produce. Farmers markets offer good sources of protein like farm raised meats and farm fresh eggs.
  5. Support your local economy by purchasing groceries from the market.

The N.H. Department of Agriculture has a list of farmers markets across the state and a list of farm stands. Look and see what each market is offering, what day and time they are open, which ones offer the Granite State Market Match and which ones accept SNAP EBT benefits for those who qualify.

You can also visit the N.H. Department of Agriculture to find CSA locations, harvest-your-own farms, peak of harvest chart and so much more.

Enjoy your time at the market, buy something new this season that you have not tried before and it might just become your new favorite!


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