Community Leadership

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Wading through the regulatory framework of what communities can and cannot do, and staying on top of recent trends and growth pressures can seem daunt... Learn More
Community visits explore approaches to addressing the housing crisis
Land use staff and volunteers from across the state gathered to learn about Exeter's efforts to address the housing crisis, which included Q&A with a ... Learn More
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Pros and Cons of Assessement Methods
A community needs assessment is an essential process for understanding the opinions, assumptions, needs, key issues, and assets within a defined commu... Learn More
Iris, the newest Habitat for Humanity homeowner in Nashua, New Hampshire shares her experience and insight with Lyla Boyajian, MPP Fellow and Housing ... Learn More
A walk with John Christ and Joe Perez
In January 2024, Lyla Boyajian, met with John Christ and Joseph (Joe) Perez. John is the Chair of the Plymouth New Hampshire Planning Board and anothe... Learn More
A conversation with Mike Ahern
Mike Ahern is a lifelong Plymouth, New Hampshire resident who’s served as selectman and chair of the Plymouth Planning Board. He is currently a Planni... Learn More
Danica Melone is Peterborough’s Director of Planning and Building, and she told me that Peterborough has decided to pursue ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Un... Learn More
Practical Strategies for Community Organizations with Limited Evaluation Resources
Many community-serving organizations struggle to capture the impacts of their work. Reasons include the lack of a formal system or structure by which ... Learn More
Market System Development is a sector-focused approach, aiming to grow targeted industries by addressing the challenges that the industry is facing. E... Learn More