NH Big Trees

My first discovery of a really big tree was in northern Vermont while walking along a mountain lane. I was astonished to see a huge tree trunk to... Learn More
On April 5, the biggest sugar maple tree in the U.S. sadly had to be taken down. The tree was located in Kensington and was the bigger of two “we... Learn More
This is part 2 of a two-part series. Learn the unique characteristics of old-growth forests in Part 1, Finding Old-Growth Forests in New Hampshire. ... Learn More
What is an old-growth forest, and what are its characteristics in New Hampshire? There is a great deal of confusion as to what is an old-growth forest... Learn More
One of the many sad events of 2020 was the death of one of NH’s most renowned Big Trees, the ancient white ash at Pickity Place restaurant in Mason. T... Learn More
Hemlock trees (Tsuga canadensis), so common in New Hampshire they are hardly noticed, fulfill a unique niche in the northern forest. A tree of the fin... Learn More
Appreciating the beauty, wonder and resiliency of the Granite State
Appreciating the beauty, wonder and resiliency of the Granite State Learn More
Happily, one volunteer activity that I am still able to do during the pandemic restrictions is to measure trees for the NH Big Tree program, following... Learn More
For years I had been driving by a huge basswood tree next to the road by the Souhegan River and never noticed it because its canopy was so high overhe... Learn More
An unexpected benefit of a cool, lingering spring was a prolonged blossom time period for native amelanchier trees and shrubs, providing more time to ... Learn More