Downtowns & Trails 5 Year Evaluation Report

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Communities in New England often turn to Extension Educators for support in downtown economic development and planning. They are exploring ways to incorporate local natural assets, such as trail infrastructure, into efforts to enhance quality of life and downtown vibrancy. From 2017-2018, the Community & Economic Development team at the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension (UNH Extension) established a knowledge-sharing network. This network aimed to help Extension organizations across New England better understand and utilize existing knowledge, resources, and programs to link downtown economic development with local trails. This initiative resulted in a guide for use across New England and laid the groundwork for the Downtowns & Trails Program at UNH Extension. This report provides an in-depth look a the program's journey, the valuable assets each community discovered, the opportunities that emerged, and the invaluable lessons we've learned.


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