Economic Development

Economic Development
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Building Local Strengths

With the help of our team, New Hampshire communities like yours are learning how to assess needs, engage people, make informed decisions, develop effective strategies and take action. The results, which include vibrant downtowns, a greater pride of place among residents and increased tourism, are creating a stronger New Hampshire for everyone.

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Tourism provides substantial economic benefits to communities and the state, while generating local pride and appreciation of assets, opportunities for cultural and environmental learning, and activities for visitors and residents.     

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Nature Economy

We help communities connect the environment and natural resources with community goals to create vibrant economies and high quality of life for all.

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Main Street Resiliency

Innovative programs for local leadership to look at assets, create a vision and focus on strengthening place. 

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Business & Entrepreneurship

Our economic development work focuses on promoting solutions for New Hampshire's communities, to strengthen local businesses, build local leadership and improve quality of life.

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Community Leadership

Helping citizen groups stay focused, work together and take action that benefits their communities.

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Quarterly newsletter about New Hampshire community and economic development programs, workshops, events and resources.



The program manager supports UNH Cooperative Extension’s statewide community and economic development-focused education and outreach programs. This po... Learn More
UNH-led interdisciplinary research team receives $15,000 grant to understand the role of the state’s Nature Economy in New Hampshire’s sustainable economic development as Covid-19 continues to shape how the state grows.
UNH-led interdisciplinary research team receives $15,000 grant to understand the role of the state’s Nature Economy in New Hampshire’s sustainable eco... Learn More
The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and Hillsborough County invite qualified individuals to apply for the Hillsborough County Commun... Learn More


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Why Conduct a Community Assessment?

A community assessment gathers data from community members to assess the current situation in a cit... Learn More
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During the summer of 2020, we interviewed 20 economic development and conservation volunteers about the impact of the pandemic in Northern NH communit... Learn More

UNH Cooperative Extension partnered with the Town of Derry to lead a community outreach and engagement effort to re-imagine Hood Park. This re... Learn More