Tree Fruit Twilight Meeting at Apple Hill Farm


Apple Hill Farm
580 Mountain Road
Concord, NH 03301
United States

Join us for this in-person tree fruit twilight meeting where we will view the newly planted research block of apple trees included in a three-year SARE Research for Novel Approaches in Sustainable Agriculture grant-funded project investigating the potential benefits of inoculating young apple trees with a variety of commercially available mycorrhizal products. We will also briefly discuss the progress and findings of the peach and nectarine variety trial located at Apple Hill Farm, although there will not be any fruit to evaluate this season due to the February cold snap. Partnering with UMaine Extension, we do have another year of cold hardiness data to share and consider when making future cultivar selections.

For the second half of the evening, we will focus our attention on woody invasive plant species management, as many farms have forestland and field edges where these species can thrive and create problems. We will hear from professional foresters from both the public and private sectors, learn about species identification, biology, control tactics and equipment needed to obtain control. 

PAT credits pending. No registration required.

Apple tree fruit