Bo Lui - Plant Diagnostics Lab

Bo Liu

Extension State Specialist, Plant Pathology
Director of the UNH Plant Diagnostic Lab and State Extension Specialist
Phone: (603) 862-0051
Office: UNH Cooperative Extension Food and Agriculture, Kendall Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Bo Liu has an appointment as a Cooperative Extension Plant Pathology State Specialist and Plant Diagnostic Lab Director. With over 20 years of experience working on disease diagnosis and integrated disease management of vegetables, small-fruits, fruits, tree fruits and field crops, Bo has had the particular emphasis on development of cost-efficient modern disease diagnostic methods and provided diagnostic services to growers and stockholders, on study of etiology, population biology and genetics, molecular ecology and epidemiology of most economically important pathogens and diseases on horticultural and field crops, and providing disease control strategies to growers with integrated management approaches.


Ph.D., Plant Sciences, University of Arkansas

Selected Publications

Liu, B., Stein, L.A., Cochran, K., du Toit, L., Feng, C.D., and Correll, J.C. 2021. Three new fungal leaf spot diseases of spinach in Texas and the evaluation of efficacy of fungicides for disease management. Plant Disease 105:316-326.

Liu, B., Pavel, J.A., Hausbeck, M.K., Feng, C.D., and Correll, J.C. 2021. Phylogenetic analysis, vegetative compatibility, virulence and fungal filtrates of leaf curl pathogen Colletotrichum fioriniae from celery. Phytopathology 111:751-760.

Liu, B., Wei, H.H., Shen, W.S., and Smith, H. 2020. Long-term effect of non-irrigation and irrigation on soil Pythium, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia communities and their relation with seed-rot, root-rot, and damping-off of soybean. European Journal of Plant Pathology 158:297-314.

Liu, B., Stein, L.A., Cochran, K., du Toit, L., Feng, C.D., and Correll, J.C. 2020. Characterization of spinach leaf spot pathogens from several spinach production areas in the U.S. Plant Disease 104:1994-2004.

Liu, B., Wei, H.H., Shen, W.S., Smith, H., Steadman, J.R., and Correll, J.C. 2019. Long-term effect of dryland and irrigation on soil Fusarium communities in wheat. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 41:1-11.

Liu, B., Feng, C.D., Matheron, M.E., and Correll, J.C. 2018. Characterization of foliar web blight of spinach in the desert southwest caused by Pythium aphanidermatum. Plant Disease 102:608-612.

Feng, C.D., Saito, K., Liu, B., Manley, A., Kammeijer, K., Mauzey, S.J., Koike, S., and Correll, J.C. 2018. New races and novel strains of the spinach downy mildew pathogen Peronospora effuse. Plant Disease 102:613-618.

Liu, B., Shen, W.S., Wei, H.H., Steadman, J.R., and Correll, J.C. 2018. Microbial communities in soils with different population densities of soybean cyst nematodes. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 40:48-60.


  • Ph.D., Plant Sciences, Univ of Arkansas