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Freezing, Canning and Drying [fact sheets]
Done correctly, canning, freezing and drying fresh food from your own garden or purchased locally can be a good investment.
Food Safety Fact Sheet
Avian Influenza Reminder! - Detection, Prevention and Reporting [fact sheet]
Quick overview of prevention, detection and reporting of avian influenza
Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops Fact Sheet
Beneficial Insects in New Hampshire Farms & Gardens [fact sheet]
Although there are plenty of references on insect pests, there are relatively few references that feature beneficial insects. I wrote this publication...
Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Agriculture & Gardens, Yard & Garden Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Bird damage prevention for Northern New England Fruit Growers [fact sheet]
Birds can become especially serious pests in blueberries and strawberries, but they also cause injury in other small fruit and tree fruit. There are m...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Berry Crops Fact Sheet
Blueberry Varieties for New Hampshire [fact sheet]
The printable version of 'Blueberry Varieties for New Hampshire' available for download contains a list that was developed to help New Hamps...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Yard & Garden Berry Crops Fact Sheet
Cluster Flies [fact sheet]
The large sluggish flies known as cluster or “attic" flies (Pollenia rudis and relatives) often invade New Hampshire homes in fall and turn into ...
Agriculture & Gardens, Pesticide Safety Education Fact Sheet
Composting for the Home Gardener [fact sheet]
Why Compost:<br /> <br /> There are many good reasons to make your own compost or participate in a community composting program. First, organic wast...
Yard & Garden, Community Gardening, School Gardening Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Creative Ways to Engage your Community during Social Distancing Information Brief
When you think about community engagement, you might visualize people gathering together in a room for a community forum, charrette or focus group. Th...
Location: Durham Campus
Economic Development Fact Sheet
Determining Monetary Values of Feedstuffs [fact sheet]
Concentrates are always a high proportion of the cost of a feed ration due to their contribution as primary energy and protein sources in dairy feeds....
Agriculture & Gardens, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops Agriculture & Gardens Fact Sheet
Dieback of Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus): Pathogens, Pests and a Changing Climate
Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) is one of the most economically valuable and ecologically important forest trees in the northeast. It is also an ab...
Natural Resources, Forest & Trees Natural Resources Fact Sheet