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Strawberry Production Guide For the Northeast, Midwest, and Eastern Canada: 2nd Edition
This guide is intended as a comprehensive resource for both novice and experienced strawberry growers in northeastern North America. It provides infor...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops Berry Crops, Agriculture & Gardens Guide
Farm Food Safety – Employee Training
Resources for food safety training for produce growers, including training videos, training records, employee health and hygiene SOPs and handwashing ...
Agriculture & Gardens, Food Safety, Fruit & Vegetable Crops vegetable crops, Food Safety for Processors, Agriculture & Gardens Guide
Cultivating Farm Experiences: Can Agritourism add to your bottom line?
Cultivating Farm Experiences is a four-part Zoom webinar series that examines agritourism. Each session focuses on the different aspects of incorporat...
Agricultural Business Management, Tourism, Outdoor Recreation & Nature Economy, Economic Development Community & Economic Development Fact Sheet, Guide, Presentation, Video, Worksheet
4H Multi-County Horse Show Packet
Download this packet for more information on the Multi-County 4-H Horse Show and Field Day!
New Hampshire 4-H Guide
New Farmer School 2022 Course Expectations
This document summarizes the Course Expectations for the 2022 New Farmer School
Agricultural Business Management Agriculture & Gardens Guide, In-person Training
Prospective Buyer Guide 2022
The decision to purchase land can be one of the most important financial and personal decisions that you make in your lifetime. Whether you are purcha...
Agriculture & Gardens, Dairy, Livestock & Forage Crops, Fruit & Vegetable Crops, Yard & Garden, Natural Resources, Forest & Trees, Wildlife Agriculture & Gardens, Natural Resources Guide
Growing fruits: Day-neutral strawberries in New Hampshire: Variety selection & production tips
Unlike traditional June-bearing strawberries, day-neutral varieties are less affected by daylength and initiate flowers as long as temperatures remain...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops Berry Crops Guide
Kiwberries in New England: A Guide for Producers
An online guide for producers by Iago Hale and his UNH lab group, published in 2019, providing enterprise analysis, vineyard establishment, planting m...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops Berry Crops Guide
Low Tunnel Strawberry Production Guide
This 25-page guide provides an introduction to low tunnel systems, and shares construction and management tips for low tunnel strawberry production, b...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops Berry Crops Guide
2019-20 New England Small Fruit Management Guide
Extension specialists throughout the region collaboratively publish this guide, to provide information on pest and cultural management of small fruit ...
Agriculture & Gardens, Fruit & Vegetable Crops Berry Crops Guide