Focus on Wildlife Brochures

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Pollinators in New Hampshire [brochure]
Pollinators are species that move pollen from one flower to another, fertilizing plants and allowing them to reproduce. While some birds and bats are ...
Natural Resources, Wildlife
Brook Trout in New Hampshire [brochure]
Brook Trout are a native freshwater fish found in streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes throughout New Hampshire. They are powerful swimmers often found i...
Natural Resources
Bats in New Hampshire [brochure]
Bats are the only mammals that truly fly. They are generally nocturnal, sleeping during the day and beginning to fly at dusk to forage for insects. Ba...
Natural Resources
New England Cottontail Rabbits in New Hampshire [brochure]
Threats to New England Cottontails<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Forest Succession. The New England cottontail has specific habitat needs, r...
Natural Resources, Wildlife Natural Resources
Black Racers in New Hampshire [brochure]
Black racers are slender, agile snakes that can grow to 6 feet in length. True to their name, they are solid glossy-black except for a white throat an...
Natural Resources, Wildlife Natural Resources
Blanding’s Turtles in New Hampshire [brochure]
Blanding’s turtles are distinguished by their bright yellow chin and throat. Their domed shell, looking much like an army-helmet, is often speckled wi...
Natural Resources, Wildlife Natural Resources