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NH BioBlitz Guide

The purpose of this guide is to make it easier for groups and individuals to host a BioBlitz.

We believe BioBlitz events can help engage people in nature, improve scientific and naturalist skills in our communities, build accurate natural resource data and offer excitement (and fun!) in the outdoors for all involved.

This Guide was designed for New England and is based on our experience as the organizers of the NH BioBlitz project. The NH BioBlitz project, led by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension, provides New Hampshire communities with assistance planning and implementing BioBlitz events to inform stewardship planning and increase public engagement on town and community forests.

Community groups and conservation organizations all over New England can benefit from a BioBlitz, even with limited resources. In this Guide, we offer a planning framework, useful ideas, case studies and additional resources to support professionals and volunteers in organizing a BioBlitz at various scales and with varying resources. Every BioBlitz will be different, but this Guide provides guidance and resources that you can adapt to fit your needs.

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Download the NH BioBlitz Guide

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