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Shannon Rogers

Extension State Specialist/Professor
Associate Extension Professor
Affiliated Faculty
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Phone: (603) 862-5171
Office: Cooperative Extension, Nesmith Hall, Durham, NH 03824

Shannon Rogers, Ph.D.,  serves as the State Specialist of Nature Based Economic Development on the Community and Economic Development Team.  Trained as an ecological economist, she focuses on how people use and value the environment and natural resources.  As such, she is currently leading several applied research projects on topics such as how communities can connect downtowns with natural assets to create vibrant economies and an effort to better understand the value and cost of New Hampshire’s water resources.  New programming and technical assistance for communities will result from this research. Rogers is also an Associate Extension Professor and is affiliated with the Natural Resources & Earth Systems Science Doctoral Program at UNH. 

Rogers has experience working in the private sector at Industrial Economics, Inc., an environmental economic consulting firm in Cambridge, MA.  She has also held positions in government and non-profit sectors and most recently has worked in academia as an Assistant Professor at Plymouth State University.  Rogers maintains affiliated faculty positions at Plymouth State and Dartmouth College and is a Senior Fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program.  She earned a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies from Dartmouth College, a Masters degree in Resource Administration and Management from UNH and a doctorate degree in Natural Resources & Environmental Studies with a minor in College Teaching from UNH. 

Courses Taught

  • EREC 572: Intro to Natural Resource Econ
  • EREC 627: Community Economics
  • INCO 590: Rsrch Exp/NREN


  • Ph.D., Environmental Studies, University of New Hampshire
  • Ph.D., Natural Resources Management, University of New Hampshire
  • M.S., Resource Management, University of New Hampshire
  • B.A., Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College

Selected Publications

  • Rogers, S. H., Rardin, L. R., Lawlor, K., Chen, C. Y., & Borsuk, M. E. (2019). Communicating Arsenic's Risks. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH, 16(18). doi:10.3390/ijerph16183436

  • Borsuk, M. E., Mavrommati, G., Samal, N. R., Zuidema, S., Wollheim, W., Rogers, S. H., . . . Gardner, K. (2019). Deliberative multiattribute valuation of ecosystem services across a range of regional land-use, socioeconomic, and climate scenarios for the upper Merrimack River watershed, New Hampshire, USA. ECOLOGY AND SOCIETY, 24(2). doi:10.5751/ES-10806-240211

  • Berg, C. E., Mineau, M. M., & Rogers, S. H. (2016). Reprint: Examining the ecosystem service of nutrient removal in a coastal watershed. ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, 22, 309-317. doi:10.1016/j.ecoser.2016.12.001

  • Berg, C. E., Mineau, M. M., & Rogers, S. H. (2016). Examining the ecosystem service of nutrient removal in a coastal watershed. ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, 20, 104-112. doi:10.1016/j.ecoser.2016.06.007

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