FSMA Produce Safety Rule: Am I Covered? [video]

To help growers determine if they need to comply with the Produce Safety Rule of FSMA, UNH Cooperative Extension's FSMA Team has created this 7.5 minute video. It briefly outlines the rule and how growers can answer the question "Am I covered and what do I need to do if I am?"


In addition to using this tool, we strongly recommend growers visit two other resources created to help them determine where they fall under the Produce Safety Rule.  These three tools are meant to be used together.  If you do not recieve the same answer from all three tools, please contact a member of the FSMA team.

FSMA Produce Safety Rule: Do I Need to Comply? An online survey tool that asks a series of questions about your business, and based on your answers, tells you if and where your business likely falls under the rule.

Am I affected by new Food Safety Rules? A Flowchart for Farmers and Food Businesses: A flowchart, provided by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, to help farms or food businesses determine whether and to what extent they might be impacted by FSMA rules.


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