How to Become a NH Coverts Volunteer

Each year, 25 landowners and conservation-minded New Hampshire residents gather with a team of natural resource professionals at a rustic camp. For three and a half days, participants learn about the latest concepts and issues in wildlife and forest ecology, habitat management, land conservation, and effective outreach. The NH Coverts Project is funded in part by NH Fish & Game Department, with support from UNH Cooperative Extension and the NH Division of Forests & Lands.

What does being a Coverts Volunteer mean?

In exchange for the training (meals, lodging, and materials are paid by program sponsors), participants agree to return to their communities and motivate others to become stewards of the state's wildlife and forest resources.

Over 400 people from throughout New Hampshire have completed the workshop and become NH Coverts volunteers since the beginning of the program in 1995. These volunteers have returned to their communities and hosted tours on their property, conserved land, presented wildlife programs in schools, joined conservation commissions, written articles for newspapers and magazines, staffed exhibits, initiated natural resource inventories, worked on community conservation projects, and much more.

Who should apply?

We are looking for landowners and other individuals committed to wildlife conservation and forest stewardship.  If you have time in your schedule for the training workshop, and approximately 40 hours of volunteer outreach during the coming year (it may be volunteer work you are already doing!), then we invite you to request an application. 

Past Coverts Cooperators have been landowners, conservation commission members, land trust staff. conservation group staff, teachers, naturalists, retired professionals, and more!

How do I apply for the NH  Coverts Workshop?

The NH Coverts Project is accepting applications from new volunteers interested in taking part in the 2022 NH Coverts Project training program. The training will take place over the course of four weeks and will include one online session and three field trips in various locations around New Hampshire. You can read more about the training schedule here. The application period deadline is March 1, 2022.

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Tell me more about this workshop!

The workshop is held at the Barbara C. Harris Conference Center. Accepted applicants pay a $50 registration fee to secure their spot in the workshop with all other costs - including food, lodging, and materials - covered by program sponsors. The workshop offers you an opportunity to get to know and to work with natural resource professionals from around the state. It will be fun, educational, and you'll become part of a volunteer network that will keep in touch through newsletters, field tours and future workshops. Attendees are expected to stay overnight and participate in all portions of the workshop.

To give you an example of how the workshop is run, here you can find a sample Workshop Agenda from 2018.

Thank you for your interest in the NH Coverts Project! If you have any questions about program, please contact Haley Andreozzi at or 862-5327, or connect with your county forester. We look forward to hearing from you!


Haley Andreozzi
Wildlife Conservation State Specialist
Phone: (603) 609-0927
Office: Cooperative Extension, Nesmith Hall, Durham, NH 03824