Pesticide Licensing in New Hampshire

New Hampshie Regulations

New Hampshire law requires that anyone applying pesticides on property that they do not own, as part of their business or not, must be certified (licensed) as a commercial pesticide applicator. Licensing is required regardless of whether the applicator gets paid for the service or whether the pesticide would be classified as general use, including over-the-counter homeowner-type pesticides or "natural" or "organic" materials, or whether the pesticide is classified as restricted use (pesticides that require a certain license to purchase).

New Hampshire commercial applicator licenses are specific to a particular category that is generally defined by the site to which pesticides are applied. 

Topics in this resource include:

  • Commercial Applicator Licensing
  • Supervisory License
  • Operational License
  • Supervisory Registration Certificate - For General Use Only
  • Private Applicator Licensing
  • General Use and Restricted Pesticides
  • How to Apply for a Commercial Pesticide License
  • How to Obtain a Supervisory Registration Certificate - For General Use
  • And Additional Resources