Preventive Controls for FSMA

Preventive Controls, officially titled “Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food”

This rule applies to facilities and farms that manufacture, process, pack or hold human food.

  • Based on an earlier law, food facilities must register with the Federal government
  • Exemptions do apply to small operations conducting low risk activities
  • UNH Cooperative Extension, along with our partners in state and across the region are still working to better understand this portion of the law.  Please check back to this site periodically for updates.

Need more information to determine if this rule applies to you?  Here are some resources to help you find out. 

Step 1:  Watch the following YouTube videos and try to determine whether your business is impacted.

Resources referred to on the videos

Step 2:  Follow this flowchart from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, scroll down to the fourth page to find the section on Preventive Controls.  Does it confirm what you thought after watching the videos?

Step 3:  Answer the questions in this online tool, does it confirm what you thought?

If you don't get the same answer from all three tools, contact a member of our FSMA team listed as authors on this page.

For detailed further reading, see the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition's detailed document on food facilities.



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