Research Report: Brussels sprouts variety trial and topping study, 2013-2014

Brussels sprout is an important fall crop for many diversified vegetable growers and home gardeners in New England. Our objectives were to: 1) compare growth and marketable yields of several Brussels sprouts varieties, and 2) measure the effects of topping (removing the apical meristem) on marketable yields.

We found that varieties differed greatly in their yields and growth habits. Some consistently yielded well, while others did not. We also found that the practice of topping has the potential to increase yields of Brussels sprouts, assuming a once-over harvest. It can also increase the attractiveness of a full harvested stalk, if growers are marketing entire stalks. However, topping too far in advance of harvest can reduce yields and marketability by causing plants to spend energy growing new stalks.  Access the full report for more details.