Research Report: Managing cabbage aphid in Brussels sprout, 2016

From 2013 to 2015, we performed experiments comparing different varieties of Brussels sprouts as well as different topping practices. During these trials, we experienced severe infestations of cabbage aphids. Although our research did not focus on the aphids, they were quite a nuisance and rendered most sprouts unmarketable.

Many growers in the region, especially organic growers, struggle with management of cabbage aphid in Brussels sprouts. Our objectives were to: 1) Determine whether organic insecticides and/or insectary plants could effectively control cabbage aphid populations  2) Observe beneficial insect visitation in Brussels sprouts, focusing on insects that are predators or parasites of cabbage aphids. 3) Create a timeline of cabbage aphid levels throughout the growing season. Though not specifically tested, we were also able to document the effectiveness of scouting with economic thresholds to determine when to apply pesticides. Access the full report for more details.