Research Report: Organic management of cabbage aphid with insecticides on Brussels sprout in NH, 2016-2018

Many growers in the region, especially organic growers, struggle with management of cabbage aphid in Brussels sprouts. Beginning in 2016, we have conducted experiments to determine whether insectary plants and/or insecticides approved for organic production could effectively manage cabbage aphid populations. We published a preliminary research report in 2016, which showed that alternating insecticidal soap and a material containing both azadiractin and pyrethrins did effectively manage cabbage aphid. 

Since that time, we have conducted more work to try to pinpoint which of the many insecticides approved for organic production are most likely to be effective againts cabbage aphid, and to provide more information about how to monitor for and control this pest. In this research report, we describe the results of insecticide trials conducted in 2016-2018, and also present information about cabbage aphid populations thhroughout all three growing seasons in Durham, NH.