Community and Economic Development Team Awarded Funds for Downtowns and Trails Program Assessment

UNH Cooperative Extension was one of the multi-state teams awarded with the Northeast Center for Rural Development's 2017-2018 "Impacts of Successful Extension and Outreach Programs" award program, which was designed to help Northeast Land-Grant University faculty and educators document the impacts of their work while also encouraging collaboration across state lines.

UNH Extension, along with four other states, will explore opportunities to connect downtown economic development with local trails through the creation of a knowledge-sharing network in New England so that Extension organizations can better understand and leverage existing knowledge, resources, and programs to help communities connect downtown economic development and local trails. The team will visit the University of Kentucky to learn about Kentucky’s Trail Town program and explore what conditions, including physical, community, and leadership conditions, are needed to maximize the benefits of trails by connecting them with downtown economic development work in rural communities.

Collaborators include:

  • Shannon Rogers, University of New Hampshire
  • Molly Donovan, University of New Hampshire
  • Casey Hancock, University of New Hampshire
  • Emily Lord, University of New Hampshire
  • Laura Brown, University of Connecticut
  • Kristina Kelly, University of Connecticut
  • Lisa Chase, University of Vermont
  • Rebecca Sero, Washington State University
  • Jayoung Koo, Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky, (CEDIK) University of Kentucky