Gateway Park Integrated Design Project Day 1 - Inventory, Analysis and Assessment

Gateway Park is located at the intersection of Manchester’s Granite and Commercial Streets. Since the mid-2000’s the park has stood vacant after removal of an old playground as the park then became the staging area for Granite Street improvements. Although the park is owned by the city, with the mayor’s permission, UNH Manchester and UNH Cooperative Extension are working with the City and local stakeholders to redesign and restore the park.

The photos below are from Part I- Inventory, Analysis and Assessment, which took place on February 22, 2017 at the STEM Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester. This was a gathering of about 25 people that included both experienced designers and interested stakeholders. They worked together for most of a day to gain a thorough understanding of the land and its resources through observing, recording, and assessing information. The information was then summarized and will be used to inform the larger group at Part II-Integrated Design Workshop, which will occur on March 17, 2017. Follow UNH Cooperative Extension on Facebook and Twitter for live updates throughout the day. 

If you have any questions about the Gateway Park Integrated Design Project, please contact UNH Cooperative Extension Field Specialists Sharon Cowen (Community and Economic Development) and Mary Tebo Davis (Natural Resources).