NH Master Gardener Association Provides Resources for Garden's Growth

NH Master Gardeners Association

“Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve planted a tree,” says Master Gardener Daniel Weaver who has been leading the Gardens at New Creation since its inception in 2004. On the grounds of New Creation Healing Center, this Master Gardener project has grown from a formal garden for meditation and added a vegetable garden and sensory garden. Weaver’s start to gardening began as a child when he worked with his father, a superintendent of a cemetery, and assisted with grounds keeping.

The formal, or renaissance-style garden at New Creation Healing Center includes several gardens within a Celtic cross design: butterfly, sensory, herb, perennial. Master Gardener Daniel Weaver plans the garden and gathers some inspiration from organizations like the Perennial Plant Association and the International Herb Association. Each names a perennial or herb of the year which is then planted in the Gardens at New Creation.

The new sensory garden is funded in part from a grant by the NH Master Gardeners Association. With an emphasis on feeling and smelling, the garden is designed to benefit people of different abilities to enjoy the grounds at New Creation Healing Center.

One of the ways the Gardens at New Creation supports the community is through a giving garden – a vegetable garden where produce is grown to donate to the local food pantry in Kingston, NH. Master Gardener Daniel Weaver learned about ideas of a giving garden from one in Connecticut. In 2016, the Giving Garden donated 195 pounds of produce.