4-H Goats

The New Hampshire 4-H Dairy Goat Project focuses on raising dairy goats for milk and dairy product production. The 4-H Meat Goat Project focuses on raising goats for meat production.  The 4-H Goat Project involves raising, caring, learning about animal health, nutrition, breeding, selection, and marketing. The 4-H goat project offers outstanding opportunities for individuals to gain experience in decision making, record keeping, responsibility, sportsmanship and leadership.

You don’t have to have your own goat to participate. You can lease an animal and/or participate in a variety of the activities and events that are offered.

Check out the NH 4-H Dairy Goat Project Fact Sheet, or the 4-H Meat Goat Project Guide from Penn State for more information.

Required Participant Age: 8-18 as of January 1 of the current year (12 and older to go on to Eastern States Exposition.

Required Animal Age: 4 months+

Animal Vaccinations: Rabies vaccination (recommended vet administered) 30 days and not more than one year prior to the date of the first show, or 4-H event. Animal must be 3 months of age before vaccination.


Forms, resources and Fact sheets here for members, volunteers, leaders and parents