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When summer hits, all I can think about is camp! When I was a kid, summer camp was the highlight of year. It came in many forms for me: YMCA day camps, playground camps at city parks, sleep-away camps in the woods and, as a high schooler, summers working as a camp counselor. Camp lets youth break out of the shells they build around themselves during the school year. There is a sense of freedom in the pressure-free zone of camp, even educational camps. All camps teach us something, whether it is something about ourselves; how we interact with our peers; how to build and maintain a hiking trail; how to swim, canoe, bike, or how to be bored. Camps offer youth endless opportunities, not just in terms of activities, but also in terms of personal growth and development. 

The STEM Discovery Lab at UNH Manchester believes camp should be a fun and interesting way for children to spend their weeks off from school. Our camps creative, engaging activities that let youth explore:

  • How wind works to create energy
  • The best design for a model car
  • Why roller coasters are so fast
  • How to code mobile apps
  • How to build structures that withstand earthquakes

STEM Discovery Lab camps are a place for youth to expand their minds and capabilities while exploring STEM with their peers. They can become aspiring scientists, artists and engineers. There are no tests or assigned seating. The only requirements are that youth come to camp with a lot of curiosity, a desire to explore and a readiness to think outside the box.

All of our camps are facilitated by certified teachers who love STEM. The teachers design the programs to be hands-on, engaging and full of interactive demonstrations, projects and challenges.

STEM Discovery Lab summer programs run July 9-Aug. 2, with a variety of offerings for youth in third through ninth grades. The programs cover topics ranging from engineering design to computing to natural resource topics. The schedule is flexible, too: sign up for morning or afternoon sessions, or make it a full day. Space is limited, so register soon! If financial assistance is needed please contact STEM Discovery Lab coordinator Emily Kerr at

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