• Patrons sitting at a bar with glasses of beer

As a result of increasing interest in craft breweries for community revitalization in New Hampshire, the Community and Economic Development team has published an information brief detailing a study of craft breweries in New Hampshire communities.

In addition to the economic impact, the study found that breweries have a strong impact in the community. Breweries create community space and add to community vibrancy.

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Key Findings include:

  • Craft breweries provide a place for connection and social interaction.
  • Craft breweries provide an atmosphere that attracts all ages, not just young people.
  • Communities looking to attract a craft brewery to their town should look in their own backyard as many people who open craft breweries choose to expand their homebrewing operation in their community.
  • Craft breweries are connected to place and many brewers value sourcing local ingredients for their beer and food.
  • Craft breweries can be located in a variety of places, not just in a downtown and bring vibrancy to a community, attracting people because of the beer, the space, and activities.
  • Both locals and visitors frequent craft breweries. For many of the breweries, local people are the primary customer during the week, and visitors typically come to the brewery over the weekend.
  • Because craft breweries are rooted in their community, they find ways to give back, like fundraisers or contributing to local charities.


Former Community Economic Development State Specialist