Amazing Adventurers 4-H Club

Grafton County 4-H has a wide variety of club project areas available to youth and families. From animal science to arts and crafts and shooting sports to STEM, there is something for everyone.

Below is a list of active clubs.  For more information about these clubs, or 4-H in general, please contact Donna Lee, 4-H Program Manager in Grafton County,

Canaan Area:

  • Cardigan Mountain Bobcats 4-H

Haverhill Area:

  • Bob-O-Links / Little Oxbow 4-H
  • Grafton County 4-H Teen Club
  • Grafton County Go-Getters 4-H
  • Little Beefers 4-H

Littleton Area:

  • North Country Adventurers 4-H

Piermont / Lyme Area:

  • Friendly Fences 4-H
  • Sky High 4-H

Plymouth / Alexandria / Bristol Area:

  • Newfound Otters 4-H

Rumney / Warren / Wentworth Area:

  • Rumney Crazy Critters 4-H
  • Rumney Farmers 4-H

Clubs are just one way to participate in 4-H. Explore New Hampshire 4-H to learn about all our opportunities.


4-H Program Manager
4-H Program Manager, Grafton County
Phone: (603) 787-6944
Office: Cooperative Extension, Taylor Hall, Durham, NH 03824