There is value in a handwritten thank you note. If someone does something for you or gives you a gift, traditionally a note of thanks is sent to the giver to express your gratitude.  You may be thinking “well this is 2019 and times have changed.”  Yes, times have changed.  We have Facebook, email, cellphones and texting literally at our fingertips just about 24/7. It’s so easy to call, email or send a text with an emoji expressing thanks, however it just isn’t the same as receiving a note “in the mail”.  The conveniences of technology are really no excuse for not handwriting (yes on paper!) a note to express your gratitude.  Surely, as you read this you are asking why.  Well, a thank you note may seem like a small thing, but it carries a big message of appreciation and gratitude more than any text ever has. There is something old-fashioned and especially heartfelt about writing it down by hand for both the writer and the recipient.  Receiving a tangible piece of snail mail says to its recipient, "I am thinking about you, and I am thankful for you. Here is the handwritten proof."   So, here are 10 Reasons Why You SHOULD Write Thank You Notes:                  

1.   It is always the right thing to do.  

2.  It can make the difference in getting the scholarship or getting the job or the client or future donations.

3.  It sets you apart.

4.   Gratitude is good for the brain. Some studies have shown it also reduces aches and pains and has other health benefits. (Pers Individ Dif. 2013 Jan;54(1):92-96).

5.   It will make someone's day!  Having a handwritten letter amongst a pile of bills and junk mail is heartwarming.

6.  It is an opportunity to reflect on our gratitude and appreciate the time and energy someone put in to do something nice on our behalf.

7.  It serves as a keepsake - - no one typically saves an email or a text but a letter, definitely!

8.  It perpetuates an important part of our culture and contributes to a lost art.

9.  It shows you to be a thoughtful and appreciative person.

10. It lets the giver know that you did indeed receive their gift.